My new favorite tool is a Streamlight Stylus

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I love this tiny flashlight!

Part of my job means that I work on computer hardware for a living; I also work on cars for (a Masochistic form of) pleasure. While working in both environments, I need good lighting to see what I’m doing. I’d always thought that large overhead lights supplemented with a large bright flashlight would suffice, but I was wrong. With each passing year, systems become denser — the need to work on a fastener or component that’s buried beneath layers of wires, hoses, and components has become common. With normal lighting, or even powerful flashlights, those interfering wires and components cast dark shadows on the target fastener or component. Most flashlights are too large to snake down through the maze of interfering parts to light the target fastener or component.

I purchased a slim Streamlight Stylus flashlight a few months ago (from the Batteries Plus store in Fort Lauderdale) and it has become my favorite tool. It’s very bright and slim enough that I can snake it through the layers of interfering parts to cast its bright beam directly on the target fastener or component — with no shadows. It’s been a revelation.

Today I looked at Amazon’s page for the Streamlight Stylus, and was happy to see that dozens of happy customers share my enthusiasm.

Disclosure: I am an Amazon Affiliate.

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