Lucyphone: Never wait on hold again.

Lucy will wait in telephone queues for you.


Are you tired of waiting in a queue when you’ve phoned an organization? (I use a speaker phone when this happens, so that my ear isn’t glued to the telephone.) These days, waits on the phone of more than 15 minutes are common.

Here’s a solution: Go to Either search by name for the organization you wish to reach or fill in the blank with the telephone number you are calling. Watch the computer screen and follow the prompts. Lucyphone will call you and offer to connect you. After you’re placed in a queue, you can disconnect your phone by pressing **; Lucyphone will call your phone when a live person responds.

Lucyphone works amazingly well, is free of advertising, and I see nothing objectionable about its privacy policy — at least now. I won’t be surprised to see privacy policy changes, once Lucyphone’s owners look for ways to make money. (I’m sure that companies will pay to learn the phone numbers — and maybe call content — of consumers who are buying, repairing, and returning competing products and services.)

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