Carbonite has a new competitor: Acronis

The photograph is by John from USA. That was a telephone atop the computer case.


Acronis enters the online backup market by offering a $50 per year service: 5 computers; 250 GB max.


Carbonite is the leader in the online backup market. For $55 per year, Carbonite backs up an unlimited amount of data from one computer (either Windows or Mac). I like it: the service is reliable, unobtrusive, and the user interface is intuitive. It has a few competitors, but it leads the market. Acronis, who’s the leader in computer backup software for backing up to local media (tape, external hard drives, etc.), has begun offering Acronis Online Backup for $50 per year. It’s limited to 250 gigabytes of backed-up data, which may be distributed amongst up to 5 computers (Windows only – no Macs). This will be attractive to households and small businesses with several computers.

Acronis’ local backup and disk imaging software regularly wins awards. They are integrating it with their well-respected local-backup product, True Image. This is an industry first. (I have conservative customers who use both an external hard drive and Carbonite for backup. This gives them the fast speeds of local backup plus the security of having encrypted copies of their data reside off-site.) It’ll be interesting to see how well Acronis integrates local and online backup — this could be a real winner.
If Acronis Online Backup is as good as their local backup product, it will give Carbonite serious competition — especially at the introductory discount price of $30 per year (available until 15 February 2010. Subsequent years will not be discounted.). Have a look — both companies encrypt your data before it’s sent over the Internet and both companies offer free trials

Regardless of vendor, online backup offers low entry cost and complete protection within a few days of sign-up: there’s no hardware to buy and setup is very easy.

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Disclosure: I am an affiliate of both Acronis and Carbonite.

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