Here’s a new and improved email scam

Think twice before sending money to a stranded friend. You might be the target of an email scam.

I found the message below in my mailbox. I hadn’t heard from this person in over a year and barely knew him. I phoned him to advise him that his gmail mailbox had been compromised. One tip-off that this plea is bogus: the is not the same as

Subject: get back to me ASAP pls‏


I really don’t mean to inconvenience you right now but I
made a quick trip to the UK and I lost a bag which contains my passport and credit cards. I know this may sound odd, but it all happened very fast. I’ve been to the US embassy and they’re willing to help me fly without my passport but I just have to pay for my ticket and settle some bills. Right now I’m out of cash plus i can’t access my bank without my credit card over here. I have contacted them but they need more verification. I’m just gonna have to plead with you to lend me some funds right now? I’ll pay back as soon as I get home. I need to get on the next available flight home.

Please reply as soon as you get this message so I can forward the details as to where to send the funds. You can reach me via the hotel’s desk phone if you can, the numbers are,  011447024065511 or 011447024064567 You can also email me via my yahoomail, as I can easily access it here  f——

I await your response…

etc . . .

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