Which Anti-virus program is the best?

There is no perfect anti-virus program.

If you’re shopping for an anti-virus program, I recommend that you first look at the test results on two AV test sites:

Note that each anti-virus program has shortcomings: each returns false positives and false negatives. I like AVG version 8.5, eset’s NOD32, and Microsoft’s new Security Essentials . . . but there are plenty of other good anti-virus programs, as well. As with backup systems, any anti-virus program is better than nothing.

Regardless of which anti-virus program you choose, it’s essential that you keep its virus definitions and license up-to-date.

"Oh — By The Way":

1. The Shadowserver website is filled with valuable malware information. For example:  http://www.shadowserver.org/wiki/pmwiki.php/Information/KnowledgeBase

2. When disinfecting an infected computer, I scan it with at least three anti-virus programs before I pronounce it clean.

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