Apple 1 PC board on eBay starts at $50,000

Hurry and place your bid on an Apple 1 printed circuit board with accessories. (Bidding starts at US$50,000.)

The Apple 1 was the brainchild of Steve Wozniak. He originally proposed the idea of a single-board computer to his boss at Hewlett-Packard, but H-P foresaw no market for small computers. It used the MOS Technologies 6502 CPU, which was essentially a cheap version of the Motorola 6800 CPU. (Chuck Peddle had been the designer behind both the Motorola 6800 and the MOS-T 6502. He later went on to design the KIM-1 and Commodore PET computers.)

The computer’s 6502 CPU ran at 1 MegaHertz and contained 4 KiloBytes of random access memory.

Steve Jobs’ summer job one year was picking apples, and both Steves liked apples.

The Apple 1 debuted in 1976 and retailed for $666. It was assembled in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage. The buyer was expected to add his own power supply, case, keyboard, video monitor, and tape drive. Woz thought that he and his partner Steve Jobs might sell a hundred Apple 1s and make a few dollars. Steve Jobs had more ambitious plans.

Woz used lessons learned with the Apple 1 to design the Apple II, which incorporated a keyboard and interfaces inside an attractive custom molded plastic case. It was a huge seller, and the two Steves and Apple Computer Company were off to the races.

So, place your bid now:

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