Norton 360 has (at least one) fatal flaw

Norton 360 breaks Windows’ critically important System Restore facility.

Symantec’s Norton 360 (the embodiment of the word "bloatware") has a fatal flaw: it prevents Windows XP from performing a system restore. Symantec admits it:  Symantec’s workaround is unacceptable, because one of Windows XP’s better safety features is that it creates system restore points — typically, one per day — in the background, without user input. Symantec’s workaround won’t allow any of these system restore points to work.

More detail:

What does this mean to you? If your Windows installation is damaged and you try to use the "Restart / F8  / Restore last known good configuration" procedure, it will NOT work, ever. Nor will you be able to restore from any system restore points. Norton 360 prevents you from having any Windows registry backups on your disk. It’s hard to believe that this seriously flawed product was released to production.

(Detail: Norton 360’s Tamper Protection damages the System file component of the backed-up registry when Windows’ Create System Restore point is executed.)

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