Photoshop alternatives

When most people ask, "Where can I buy a cheap copy of Photoshop?", they’re really asking, "How can I edit photographs?".

Adobe Photoshop has been the leading photo editor since the early 1990s. It’s available in Windows and Mac versions and is the industry standard. Its biggest drawback? It’s expensive (about $600). Second biggest drawback? There is no Linux version. Adobe Photo Elements costs less (about $60), but does less.
You have excellent low- (or no-) cost photo editing alternatives:
1. Gimp ( began as a Unix / Linux only program and is now available (gratis!) in Linux, Windows, and Mac versions. It’s excellent, but makes no attempt (probably for legal reasons) to mimic Photoshop’s user interface. Professionals swear that its color correction ability is equal to Photoshop’s. It lacks some Photoshop bells and whistles, but will work fine as the only photo editor for most people . . . but there is a learning curve.
2. ( is a free photo editing tool for Windows. I’ve not used it, but it receives rave reviews from non-professionals. It uses layers, is easier to learn than Gimp or Photoshop and loads faster, but lacks some of those programs’ advanced features.
3. PaintShop Pro ( was created by Jasc Software. I used it in the early 1990s and I was very impressed. Based upon recent reviews, it seems to have gotten even better. Corel now owns it and sells it for $70 to $100.
4. InPaint ( is a specialized tool that erases objects from photographs. It’s $40 for a personal license and $100 for a business license. They have impressive demos on and they allow you to download a free trial version that does everything except save your finished photo. I’ve used Irfanview to remove objects from photos, but to some degree the deleted area’s square shape tells the viewer that the photo’s been doctored. InPaint’s object removal results are MUCH more convincing.
If you’ve asked, "Where can I buy a cheap copy of Photoshop?", have a look at the above alternatives. I’ll bet that at least one alternative will do everything that you want — and save you big bucks.
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