Google is reshuffling the deck.

Google is doing something with search results.
Sometime in June, I noticed that Google’s search results began to change. For one thing, relevant keyword searches no longer found, and more irrelevant sites appeared in Google’s search results for a number of other keyword searches. I was sure that this was just a hiccup and that soon Google’s searches would improve. However, Google’s irrelevant results continue to appear, though the ranking of the irrelevant pages changes from day to day. It’s obvious that Google is tinkering with something, but aside from mentioning the project name Caffeine, they’ve not revealed much about it.
You can try a Google pre-production version here:  If there is a link at the bottom of the page that’s labelled "Dissatisfied?", you may provide feedback to Google. (I’ve never seen this link.)

In the meantime, I’ve begun to use Microsoft’s Bing search engine (, and feel that it returns better results than Google. (There, I’ve said it.)  Webmasters and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) masters are trying to discern exactly what Google has done, but so far I haven’t read anything definitive. Here’s one conversation:
It looks like Bing’s recent entry into the search field has lit a fire under Google. I just question whether Google is now running in the right direction.
Again, compare their results, side-by-side:
Have you noticed a change in Google search results over the last month or two?
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