Almost 600,000 cardholders’ data exposed

Attackers breach commercial sites at hosted web service.
Network Solutions has notified 4,343 of its clients that their ecommerce sites were compromised between March 12, 2009 and June 8, 2009. This exposed the credit card data of 573,928 cardholders who used their cards on those sites during this period. Network Solutions states that the data was apparently captured by unknown third-parties during credit card transactions. Who captured the data? That’s unknown. Network Solutions states that credit card data are encrypted before they’re stored on their ecommerce servers, so the breaches occured only during credit card transactions.
The 4,343 Network Solutions client ecommerce site owners are expected to notify the 573,928 cardholders of the breach. Network Solutions has employed TransUnion to both notify cardholders and provide one year of free credit monitoring to help consumers detect the possible misuse of their information.
Has your card been compromised? Click Consumer Information on the Network Solutions website that’s dedicated to this breach:

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