Web-based threats continue to grow

Bad guys love social networking sites.
While listening to Sophos’ July 24th security update, I noticed that:
  • Social networking (My Space, Facebook, Twitter, et al) sites are favorite infection points for malware writers.
  • Most Facebook, My Space, and Twitter infections begin with a message from a friend with an invitation to view a video.
  • Facebook and My Space do not scan messages for infections or other malicious content. They must fix this.
  • Bad guys use social networking sites to gather information which helps them guess passwords and compromise users’ accounts on other sites.
  • Apple Macs are no longer “immune” to infections.
  • 70% of Macs have no antivirus software.
  • Social networks are forcing themselves into business networks, raising threat levels to those businesses. Businesses will need to secure their networks even more.
  • Sophos sees about 40,000 infected files per day and a new malicious webpage every 4 seconds.
Download and listen to this security podcast: http://podcasts.sophos.com/en/sophos-podcast-041.mp3 (5.5 minutes)
Read about the very real threat posed by Koobface. I know a woman whose bank accounts were debited following an infection that began on Facebook with a message from her husband that asked her to view a video. She was then asked to update her Flash player, which started the infection . . . About a month later, mysterious bank account debits appeared.
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