Giddyap! It’s fun to watch customers succeed.

rider: Dave Moore

Kim Moore, a student of mine, owns a horse stable and riding school. She told me last week that her husband and business partner, Dave, just won the Florida Derby. There’s a great Youtube video of Dave putting his horse through its paces in the competition:

It’s an amazing performance. I like the part when it seems that Dave shifts the horse into reverse gear and the horse just backs up. Kim tells me that the rider is judged, among other things, on how little he relies upon the reins. She says that Dave communicates with the horse through his legs and riding position.
Orphaned website
When I first met Kim, her business had a website, but it was old and its pages were out of date. It needed to be freshened up. There was just one problem: she lacked administrative rights to her own website. (This happens a lot.) It was hosted at, who helped her gain admin rights. Kim has recently created an entirely new website for her business:

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