Major flaws revealed in Diebold’s voting software

photo: Joebeone)
Diebold Elections System AccuVote-TSx DRE voting machine with a VVPAT attachment (at right)
I’m shocked — shocked! — to learn that more flaws have been discovered in Diebold’s (now renamed Premier Election Systems, since Diebold’s reputation has been tarnished) voting software. California’s Secretary of State, in a new report, states that it’s possible to delete batches of votes without recording the deletions in the Diebold machine’s audit log and that it’s possible to easily delete the audit log itself. Yikes! Read the story.
I vote for decertifying these voting machines and their software.
Which government employees certified these clunkers? How about decertifying them?
The simpler, the better
Although I’m pretty familiar with computers, I don’t trust them when used for voting. (I also don’t trust them when built into clothes washing machines and driers: I much prefer simple mechanical rotary timers because they’re more reliable and cheap and easy to repair.)
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