What’s the reason for layoffs at RIAA?

 The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has recently laid off dozens of workers, representing a major part of its staff. I’m not sure what this means.
It’s obvious that eventually all information and entertainment will be stored in digital form and transported via packets. This poses questions regarding intellectual property rights, copyright law, and so forth. I wonder if our current idea of intellectual property will remain viable as we move further into the digital age?
The RIAA has been pursuing downloaders of copyrighted music in the courts. This hasn’t won them friends. Maybe the layoffs signal that the well is drying.
Easy duplication changes everything
In popular music, the Beatles were the first rock group to abandon live concerts and rely solely upon their recordings for revenue. This model worked while good audio copies were expensive and exact copies were impossible for individuals to produce. Today, exact copies are cheap and easy to produce. Will this fact allow the existence of an industry based upon residual payments from millions of listeners to a musician(s) for a single performance? I don’t know.
Here’s a Cranky Geeks episode that discusses copyright law: http://www.crankygeeks.com/2006/07/cranky_geeks_special_the_dmca.php
Can the royalty system survive?In your trade, whatever that may be, are you paid over and over again by users for something that you created only once? If you are a carpenter, are you paid every time someone opens the door of a cabinet that you made?
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