GSM phones will have a standard battery charger.

Cell phone battery charger
photo: Samsung
When will laptop PCs (have a standard battery charger)?


The GSMA, a GSM cell phone industry association, recently met in Barcelona. Among their resolutions is an agreement to standardize on a universal power adapter / battery charger specification by 2012. Seventeen manufacturers, including headliners Motorola, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, and Samsung, have signed the agreement. (Apple has not.) It will use a micro-USB connector, as illustrated in the photograph. This agreement means that the charger from a Nokia phone will work with a Samsung phone, and vise versa. This is good news for users and for the environment.

One huge trash pile
About 3.2 billion external power supplies were designed, manufactured, and shipped in 2008. The lack of a standard power supply coupled with the short lifetimes of consumer electronics results in an estimated 379 million power supplies being dumped in U.S. landfills a year, and three times that amount thrown away worldwide.

Green Plug ( and the the Alliance For Universal Power Supplies ( are working on universal power adapters for most portable devices.

Laptops should standardize on power supplies
It’s time for laptop computer manufacturers to agree on a universal power adapter / battery charger spec (or specs – low, medium, and high power) for laptops. Why shouldn’t an AC power adapter / battery charger for a Lenovo laptop work with a similar Dell laptop?


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