USB 3.0 is coming our way!

I’m impressed by how many devices work with USB (Universal Serial Bus). I admit that when USB 1.0 hit the market about 12 years go, I didn’t expect much. Was I wrong! In 2000, the USB 2.0 spec bumped up transfer speeds from USB 1.0’s 12 Mbps (megabits per second) to 480 Mbps, enabling high speed devices that easily attach and detatch from our computers. Today, useful USB 2.0 devices are everywhere — cell phones, thumb drives, Wifi transceivers, GPSs, cameras, even record turntables use USB to interface with PCs. I use USB devices every day, and you probably do too.

The USB 3.0 spec (“SuperSpeed USB”) has been finalized. It offers ten times the theoretical transfer speed of USB 2.0. We should expect to see USB 3.0 in new computers in 2010, if not before. Microsoft promises to support USB 3.0 in its forthcoming Windows 7. USB 3.0 will offer real advantages — and it’s backward compatible! I wonder what new ingenious uses will be found for USB 3.0?

Here’s a good USB 3.0 FAQ.


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