Where did I find the photos for my website and who did those wacky Flash animations?

 Illustration: John Croezen
I found many of my website’s photographs on http://www.istockphoto.com. License fees are low.
The smart Flash animations on http://russbellew.com/pages/professionals_support.aspx and http://russbellew.com/pages/coping_with_support.aspx were created by a Dutch illustrator, John Croezen. I bought rights to three of his Flash animations from istockphoto.com. John’s website is http://www.johncroezen.nl. (His TV commercials are slick. Most are in the Dutch language, yet his graphics make them universally understood.)
John has placed a well-done Sudoku game with looney illustrations and music online: http://www.sudokid.com. You can send a greeting card with John’s wacky animations from this page: http://www.sudokid.com/en/ecard.htm.
John’s dancing animals remind me of Max Fleischer’s early cartoon artwork.
Visit my website: russbellew.com

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