Buying? Selling? There are alternatives to Ebay

I added a page to my website that may be helpful if you’re buying or selling, eBay isn’t a good fit, and you’re looking for an alternative venue. The URL is 
Craigslist and its founder, Craig Newmark, are undergoing what the Chinese call interesting times.
Background: Craig has chosen to keep Craigslist modest but comfortably profitable. (Craig says that in a race between the hare and the tortoise, Craigslist is the tortoise.) The paid staff, all in San Francisco, number about 34. (They use volunteers to assist running the site in other cities.) Ads are free with a few exceptions: housing and job ads in San Francisco and housing ads in New York City require payment. (Craig points out that the real estate advertisers in NYC requested that they be required to pay, to keep spurious ads out.)
If you’ve used Craigslist, you’ll agree that it’s free-form and in general works pretty well, despite the efforts of spammers and scammers.
eBay vs Craigslist: strange bedfellows
Into this idyll strides eBay: they bought 28% of Craigslist’s shares in 2004, placed their guy on Craigslist’s board of directors and are trying, to use a Web 2.0 term, to monetize Craigslist. It’s a classic culture clash. eBay is suing Craig and Craigslist’s CEO (while telling Craig that they’ll gladly buy his shares should he choose to sell), and Craig is suing eBay. Each accuses the other of fiduciary irresponsibility and acting in bad faith.
My new page also contains info about and links to alternative sites where you can buy and sell items at no cost: Bidville, eCrater, and Blujay.
Visit my website:

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