A new search engine enters the stage: Cuil

  Some ex-Google people last week introduced a new search engine: http://www.cuil.com  They went online for the first time on Monday, and were soon bogged down with processing over 50 million search requests on their first day. They seem to be back on their feet now.
The Cuil founders reportedly have $34 million in venture capital to start their venture. Anna Patterson, who apparently is responsible for much of the technology behind today’s version of Google, created the Cuil (pronounced "cool") search engine. My tests uncovered lots of sites (such as http://russbellew.com Harumph!) that were missing from Cuil’s initial index. Note that they profess to not collect as much user information as Google.
I wish them luck. As far as I know, Google succeeds because it’s not just very good software; it’s very good software that runs on a huge, widely dispersed, fault tolerant cloud of computers. It’ll take time and gobs of money to build a competing "cloud".
Visit my website: russbellew.com
By the way, for many years I’ve liked http://www.alltheweb.com/ as a strong competitor to Google.

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